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January 4, 2009
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Greed by Liol Greed by Liol
It speaks for itself *shrug*

Note to those who critiqued me: Thanks for bringing it to my attention that this kind of greed is not limited to america. I was influenced just by what I see going on where I am, but the fact is, it's a universal problem, therefor, I removed the text. Thanks guys--you know who you are :D
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Given 2009-02-03
The message of this piece is powerful enough to speak on its own.
Greed by ~Liol ( Suggested by IllustraShu and Featured by PurpelBlur )
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A very true picture.Nod 
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Wow…love it...
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Holy shit. You have a gift my friend Love 
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Flawless execution, powerful message. There needs to be more art like this around. Thanks for being part of the ones trying to make a difference :]
Scribblerlarry Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Terrific Art!

Sadly, by attributing the destruction of the world simply to "Greed" you show that you have only looked at the surface of what's happening and why. 

It is very popular now to adopt the age-old socialist notion that all the problems of the world can be attributed to the greed of "the ultra-rich" (often called "the elite"). Reality says otherwise. It is not either greed of the ultra-rich who are at fault. It is our entire system and the middle-class are more responsible for how it operates than anyone. 

The ultra-rich own most of everything. They own most of the corporations that provide services and/or have productive capability by way of shares in most of the huge industries that provide the goods and services that we need/want.

Most of today's really rich people inherited huge fortunes; not in cash, but in corporate shares. Those shares pay dividends and can be manipulated to earn more, more and ever more for their owners. Those owners of so much wealth, place their portfolios in the hands of trained business managers and go off to live life as only someone incredibly rich can live it. They DO NOT sit around somewhere and conspire to rip off the 99%.

They have no time for that. They leave it to professionals to manage their wealth. If those pros increase that wealth, they reward them Handsomely; very, very handsomely. And those pros DO increase that wealth. They do it by using every trick in the book, fair and foul. They do it after being highly educated and trained to do so. These professionals usually come from the upper (but not the top) class and from the middle class who obtained that education and training. They are likely from the same middle-class as you and I. Perhaps the ARE you and I; or our siblings, friends, parents or children. They do it because they have been taught from birth that getting a lot of money/wealth is right, honourable, and good. That this is the path a person ought to follow so as to be successful. And who doesn't want to be successful?

The middle class are the workers who do most of the good-paying jobs in the factories and service industries also. So the middle class serves the elite in order to achieve success. And serving the elite means only one thing; making them richer. 

The middle class works in all the office buildings at all the positions that keep a corporation running successfully. They think up, design, and implement many many ways for the corporation to earn more and more so as to keep on feeding wealth to the elite. It's called, by us, doing a good job. Our path to personal success is to climb the corporate ladder or work the production lines for promotions and pay increases.

And we are very, very good at that. We think up ways for the corporations to make more money. We think up ways for them to reduce their taxes; to make shoddier good; to charge more for those goods and services that they need. We are also the consumers of those goods and services. By making the corporations more and more successful financially we are harming ourselves seriously. Unfortunately we are also harming the environment, creating unsafe foods, medicines, equipment, vehicles, etc., etc. The very same goods that we use on the very same plant that we live on. 

We mostly don't do it out of greed. We mostly do it while just trying to succeed in life. We are mostly just trying to meet our financial obligations and put food on the table. Some few of us are greedy, but most of us are very decent good citizens. We fail utterly to recognize our role in how everything is coming apart. That means that we have no idea how we, as individuals and as a society, can fix things. 

And they can be fixed. But not by anything we can do to this system. This system is what has caused us to do the things we do. It is a failure at meeting the needs of all the citizens and their interest, and it is destroying the planet. 

It is not the middle class we need to get rid of. It is the system - the predatory greed-capitalist economic system. There is nothing wrong with basic capitalism. But capitalism is like fire; it's a great tool IF IT IS STRICTLY REGULATED AND CONTROLLED! But it is a terrible master when it gets out of control such as it has these days. 

We fix tis by designing a form of capitalism that you might call citizens' capitalism. I cannot go into this too much here but look at those two words - Citizen's Capitalism - what do you think that might be? How can a capitalist system be made to serve the citizens, instead of the citizens serving the system, by working in predatory businesses. Think about it. Talk about it.

All the best to you from an old man who has spent over 40 years thinking about this.
billharrison Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Dude, it's a painting, not an invitation to philosophize.  If you want to publish a political screed, write a blog.
Anna-panna Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
Okey this is absolutely amazing! :O 
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